The Ellen Garner Scholarship

Ellen Garner Scholarships are available for qualified students enrolled in accredited institutions of higher learning to achieve undergraduate degrees, diplomas or certificates and/or graduate degrees in either the field of Ministry or Education. The Scholarship is available only for members of Main Street United Methodist Church who do not meet the eligibility requirements for other scholarship funds.

Scholarships are renewable each semester that the student remains eligible. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for continuation and to provide transcripts as proof of eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Membership in Main Street United Methodist Church-Reidsville

    If the student is a dependent, one or both parents or grandparents must also be a member of Main Street United Methodist Church.

  2. Endorsement of your United Methodist minister.
  3. Acceptance of enrollment in a program leading to a degree, diploma or certificate from an accredited college or university, regardless of location majoring in either the field of Ministry or Education.
Applicant's Responsibilities
  1. To submit a complete and correct application each semester.
  2. To have an official transcript sent for the initial application and at the completion of spring semester. A copy of the grade report is accepted after summer and fall semesters.
  3. To send a copy of housing costs per semester (dormitory fee or your share of apartment.)
  4. To send a copy of your bill for tuition and fees each semester.
  5. To notify the director within 10 days if they drop, add or withdraw from a course. Failure to do so will result in penalties to the following semester. Students who withdraw and/or drop out from school should notify the director immediately. Students who withdraw and/or drop out of school are expected to reimburse the Ellen Garner Scholarship Fund.
  6. Enclose a copy of the front page of your or your family’s latest Federal Income Tax Return. Any private information such as SSN may be blacked out.
  7. List all scholarships, grants, or financial aid (Pell Grants, university or college aid, state grants, etc.) and amounts for each semester.
Application Deadlines
    Fall Semester
    August 1
    Spring Semester
    December 1
  • There will be no exceptions to the deadline date.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a completed application by the due date listed above.

There is a stainless steel drop box mounted on the wall on the left side of the glass doors at Main Street United Methodist Church. You may drop your application in this locked box no later than the due date.

If you need proof of receipt of your application please mail it certified mail with a return receipt.
Thank you notes are welcomed. Please address all thank you notes to the Sands Scholarship Committee.
Application Information Below:
Ellen Garner Scholarship Application