John Burton

Pastor Emeritus

John and Peggy (his lovely wife) came to Main Street Methodist Church in 1989 and served with great enthusiasm which john passed on to the Main Street members. You could never say no to John as he was working as hard as anyone. He requested this charge as it was close to his homeplace on Harrison Crossroads. He retired from his ministry at Main Street in 1997 and he and Peggy still live at the homeplace and attend Main Street. She shared her musical talent and much more with us while John was our pastor. John also sang solos during his time here. John was named Pastor Emeritus at Main Street September 10, 2000.

John served his Lord with extreme loving work even serving as director/minister of Yuma Methodist Indian Mission at Fort Yuma, CA for 12 years in the early 1960’s when their children were young.

John and Peggy have 3 children, John Matthew Burton Jr., Mark and Andrea. Matthew followed in his father’s footsteps and is a Methodist minister. They have 4 grandchildren.

John’s connection to Main Street goes way back as his great uncle William Fletcher Womble served Main Street from 1911-1913

By Norma Craddock