Application Information

Claire Huneycutt Sands Memorial Scholarships are available for qualified students enrolled in accredited institutions of higher learning in the state of North Carolina to achieve undergraduate degrees, diplomas or certificates and/or graduate degrees.

Scholarships are renewable each semester that the student remains eligible. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for continuation and to provide transcripts as proof of eligibility.

Application Deadlines
    Fall Semester
    August 1
    Spring Semester
    December 1
    Summer Semester
    May 1
  • There will be no exceptions to the deadline date.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a completed application by the due date listed above.

There is a stainless steel drop box mounted on the wall on the left side of the glass doors at Main Street United Methodist Church. You may drop your application in this locked box no later than the due date.

If you need proof of receipt of your application please mail it certified mail with a return receipt.
Thank you notes are welcomed. Please address all thank you notes to the Sands Scholarship Committee.

Application Information Below:
Sands Boundary Map
Sands Eligibility
Sands Camp Application
Sands Initial Application
Sands Renewal Application
Reidsville Vicinity Eligibility Appeal